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Access, Services and Programs

These policies cover policies on loan periods, borrowing privileges, library programs and more.



     Free library service is available to residents of Sabula, Iowa.

     Free service shall also be given to any resident of Jackson County, Iowa living outside the incorporated limits of any City or Town located in Jackson County, Iowa, for so long as the contract for County Library Service remains in full force and effect.

     Krabbenhoft Public Library has chosen to be an Open Access Library.  Any individual from a neighboring participating library is entitled to the same borrowing privileges and reference services as local users.  Similarly, an individual from a participating library is subject to the same policies, regulations, and restrictions as a local user.

     Residents of Jackson County, Iowa, living in incorporated cities that do not have libraries, must pay a fee of $30.00 per family per year.  Starting July 1, 2007 that fee will be $35.00 per family per year.

     Illinois residents wishing to have a library card must also pay $30.00 per family per year.  Starting July 1, 2007 that fee will be $35.00 per family per year.


1.  The circulating books are loaned for a period of two weeks and may be renewed twice.

2. Periodicals less than 4 months old are loaned for a one week period.  Those older than 4 months may be loaned for two weeks and may be renewed.

3. Reference books such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases and other books not containing a card may NOT be taken from the library.


1. Only 6 video cassettes per family at one time may be borrowed.  More at librarians discretion to patrons in good standing.

2. The videos will be loaned without a fee.

3. The loan period for a new video cassette is 3 days (3 days library  open for business).  Older videos may be loaned for 7 days, educational videos for 14 days.  Videos must be returned by closing time on the day they are due.

4. If returned late, there is an overdue charge of $1.00.

5. Videos must be rewound.

6. Videos may be put on hold for a patron through our automated system.  They must be picked up on the day that they are called notifying them that the video is available.

7. The patron is responsible for return of the videocassettes in good condition.  In the case of loss, theft, or damage, the patron will be charged the full replacement cost of the cassette.

8. Copyright laws limit these video cassettes to home viewing only and prohibit their duplication.


1. Fines are $.05 a day for adults on hardback books, paperbacks, and cassettes.  Fines are charged for each day including Sunday and holidays.  Students are not fined for books, but must reimburse for lost items.

2. There are no fines on magazines.

3. No fine for overdue materials will exceed $1.00 per item.

4. Replacement charges on books, magazines, records and other materials : list price.

5. The librarian will use her own discretion on damaged materials.

6. The librarian will use her discretion on notices of overdues.

7. Patrons with overdue items will not be allowed to check out more items until they have been returned or reimbursed for.

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